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At Camilles Gift Shop we take pride in carrying the excellent E Barrett & Co soaps made with shea butter and made in France also E Barrett & Co body lotions and the popular E Barrett & Co soy wax candles, hand salve and lip balm. Also we are proud to carry are Simply Natural glycerin bar soaps and glycerin men's fragrance soaps. Our most unique gift items is our stained glass garden art, and hanging stained glass pieces they are all original pieces and very creative. All of these products are known for their excellent quality and made with the finest ingredients. So if your looking for a soap that makes your skin feel great whether it be a French hard bar soap or a smooth and silky glycerin bar we have the best. Online shopping is great for finding the products that you love, at a great price and quickly.

Our website is a great place to shop for birthdays and Christmas for those hard to buy for friends and family. Shop for gift baskets, unique garden art and fun air fresheners for yourself or a special gift. And we have a big selection of soaps, everyone enjoys a good quality soap in their favorite scent.

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*** E. Barrett & Co soap ***

We keep our prices on E Barrett & Co soap and bath products low, we now have Quantity Discounts for even a better deal and lower prices on our soaps.

The E Barrett & Co French bath and body product line includes shea butter bar soaps which are made in France using shea butter to moisturize your skin and these French soaps are available in 20 different scents. The very popular Olive Lavender French bath soap is also made with olive oil which is great for very dry skin and the other favorite bar soaps are Ocean, Lavender Flower, Almond and Pear scents. These E Barrett soaps come in two sizes, a large body bar and a small bar soap. The small bar soaps are great for kids, travel or just to try a new scent. They are hard bar soaps and will last for quite along time, how long they last is one our most frequent comments from our customers, besides "I love this soap!"

Check out our shipping charge page for our special discount shipping on E Barrett soaps shipping starts at $5.15

Other E Barrett & Co bath and body products that we have are the rich liquid French hand soap for the kitchen or bathroom. These liquid soaps come in Lavender, Verbena, Ocean and Milk and in the same natural scents we have creamy body lotion made in France, these lotions come with a free pump which makes them easy to use next to the sink. And if you enjoy relaxing in the bath check out our natural soy wax candle tins and relaxing bath salts. Our Lime Vanilla soy wax candle is such an awesome combo (it's like being on a Mexican vacation!!!) Also E Barrett & Co has the best healing hand salve for men and women to enjoy, it is made out of all natural ingredients and is great this time of year for those red dry cracked hands and feet! These have the wonderful scent of Lavender.

E BARRETT & CO PRODUCTS is now making large oval shea butter soaps. This product in made in the USA and the scents are unique and different than the French soap line, you will have to try them because they are excellent soaps. Made with shea butter they are a great moisturizing your skin.

*** Simply Natural Soap ***

Another great natural soap line that we are proud to carry is Simply Natural Glycerin Soap these handmade soaps are very unique and beautiful. (take a peak! they smell just as good as they look) The large glycerin bar soaps we sell are handmade double size bars and are meant to be cut in half, these are quality handmade bars and will not separate like some glycerin bars do, and the scents and natural fragrance oils will last all the way to the end of the bar. These are handmade soaps are only made with the purest ingredients with no extra preservatives or fillers.

We have a nice selection of Men's fragrance bar soaps and you will find we carry some of the most popular scents that men love. Try our Simply Natural mens's bar soaps including our best mens fragrance bars such as Drakkar, Dolce Gabbana and homemade shaving soap for men.

You must take a look at our beautiful and uniqe handcrafted stained glass garden stakes, these are one of a kind gifts and made with such detail. Gardeners will love the quality of the workmanship and creativeness of the designs and glass.

NEW Fun Stuff !!!!! We now carry the cutest aroma bead air fresheners for your car. Our car air fresheners are made from high quality fragrance oils and aroma bead. Take a look at all the fun shapes and scents, everyone spends a lot of time in there car and our air fresheners will make it more enjoyable.

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