Aroma Bead Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners
These are NOT your ordinary air fresheners! Very unique and make great gifts! These are handmade from high quality fragrance oils & aroma beads.

The heat from the sun or an inclosed area enhances the scent. Enjoy all the FUN shapes and scents !!! Great for your car, locker, closet where you want a fresh scent. Most people spend a lot of time in there car these days, having one of our air fresheners will make it much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Each freshener will last about 6-8 weeks The size varies from 2 1/2" to 4 1/2"

They are packaged in a cello wrap, labeled and a description

When ordering just one air freshener your shipping charges will be $2.95

Our shapes and scents change often so check back often to see what is new!

any questions or requests can be emailed to us @

or call us at toll free 1(800)920-4149 or direct @ (925)443-1167